nuha abd-alsaheb al andlieb ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Science - Chemistry
[email protected]
A. lecture 2007 Participated in several conferences 1.The first Science in Kufa University 2007 2.The first international scientific conference for the College of Science / University of Qadisiyah on 19-20 November 2017 3.The first International Conference on Materials Engineering and Science Held in Istanbul Aydin University-Turkey2018 Participated in several courses, including: 1. A study of pharmacokinetics at the University of Kufa / College of Pharmacy. 2. UV-visible applications in the environmental and pharmaceutical fields. 3. Photocatalysts of pollutants. 4. Thin layer chromatography and its practical applications. Participated in several seminars, the last of which was a symposium on investing scientific research in development projects (2020).