nisreen awaad AL- jassani ( Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Geography
[email protected]
• professor at Kufa University / College of Education for Girls. • Director of the Meteorological Station in the College of Education for Girls / University of Kufa. • PhD in climate science in 2006 titled ((climatic boundaries for the cultivation and production of olive and palm trees in Iraq)). • Master's degree in climate science in 2001 the title of the message ((spatial relationship to the cultivation of fruit trees deciduous characteristics of the climate in Iraq)). • supervise a number of master's and Alatarih messages - Environmental potential for the development of sustainable tourism in the province of Najaf. - Study and analysis of drought in the central and southern regions of Iraq, using the standard rain Index (Spi). - Elements and their impact on human comfort in the central and southern regions of Iraq, climate "and the study of phenomena in Applied Climatology" - Spatial Analysis of agricultural production (plant) and its relationship to sustainable agricultural development in the province of Najaf, for the period of (2004-2014). - Use of agricultural land and its relationship with the characteristics of the population in the province of Najaf. - The impact of climate elements in focus and diversity of cultivation and production of fruit trees in the mid-Euphrates region. - The impact of climate in the qualitative characteristics of the River of Diwaniyah. - The impact of sunspots on temperature trends in Iraq and its relationship with the occurrence of significant weather events. • Books author: - - The development of arid regions, "the plateau region of western Iraq model"