Nibras Talib Alquraine ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Dentistry - General Dentistry ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
Assisstant professor Dr. Nibras Talib AL-Quraine University of Kufa Faculty of Dentistry Department of Conservative Dentistry Najaf Governorate , Iraq Email: [email protected] B.D.S in dentistry Baghdad University , M. Sc. In Conservative dentistry Baghdad University Assiss. Professor in Kufa University/ Faculty of Dentistry, Assiss. Of Head of Conservative department from 2009 since now member in Iraqi Endodontic society IES Research Interest: 1. Cosmetic dentistry 2. Laser application Teaching interests: 1. Crown and bridge work 2. Endodontic therapy 3. Advance filling material Publications: 1. A scanning Electron Microscopic Evaluation of the Resin-Infiltrated layer in Dentin using different adhesive bonding agents( in vitro study) (2002) 2. The fracture resistance of the Endodontically treated Molar teeth with MOD preparation restored with different types of Composit material.(2010) Al-Qadisiah Medical J, 6;9:9-18. 3. A Microtonsile bond strength of the Pulp Chamber Dentine Treated with different Bleaching Agents.(2010) Medical J. of Babylon, 7; 2: 102-108 4. Measuring the Mercury release Spectrophotometrically (New chemical approach); (2010) Kufa Med. J, 13; 1S;39-44. 5. Disinfection of silicon impression material by using different natural solution( in vitro study) (2010) Kufa Med. J,13;1S:45-51. 6. The Effectiveness of the Organic Volatile solvents in Retreatment of Root canal system( in vitro study) (2013) Med. J. of Babylon,10;2:497-501. 7. Antibacterial Activity of Calcium Hydroxide Combined with Chlrohexidine or Sodium Hypochlorite against Gram positive and Gram Negative Bacteria.(2014) J.of Natural Science Research,4;12:55-61 8. The Effectiveness of three Different Methods for Sterilization of the Endodontic Files ( An in vitro Study). (2014) Advances in life Science Technology,27: