Naser Abdulhasan Almatwari ( Professor )
Faculty of Science - Chemistry
[email protected]
M.Sc.(2002) and Ph.D(2012) from University of Babylon in analytical chemistry. Research Interests: 1. Flow Injection Analysis. 2. Synthesis and Characterization of Chromogenic Reagents. 3. Preparation and Characterization of Complexes. Teaching Interest: For Undergraduate 1- Volumetric and Gravimetric analysis 2- Instrumental analysis 3- Separation methods For Postgraduate(M.Sc. and Ph.D.) 1- Adv. Atomic spectroscopy 5- Adv. Thermal analysis 3- Flow Injection Analysis 4- Adv. Separation techniques PUBLICATIONS 1- Salam Naji Khanfous, Nasser Abdulhassan Nasser and Mohauman Mohammad AL-Rufaie, Modern spectrophotometric approach for assessment chlorpromazine hydrochloride drug, Iranian Journal of Organic Chemistry , 9, 2161-2167(2017). 2- Muthana Saleh Mashkour, Naser Abdulhassan Almatori and Azhar Mohammed Brbber, Spectrophotometric determination of Cholesterol by using procaine as coupling reagent, International Journal of ChemTech Research, 10, 630-640(2017). 3- Hazim Y. Saeed, Muthna S. Mashkura and Nassir A. Nassir, Spectrophotometric Determination of Paracetamol by Coupling Reaction, Journal of Purity, Utility Reaction and Envir onment , 5, 106-117(2016). 4- Naser A. Naser, Muhammad K. Musa, Ameer A. Hussein, and Zahraa K. Saleh, Solvent Effects on The Electronic Absorption Spectra of Thymol, The Chemical Educator, 20, 176-182(2015). 5- Bo KARLBERG, Gilbert E. PACEY and Naser A. NASER, Flow Injection Analysis: fixed-time kinetics methods, Chemical Education Journal, 16(2014). 6- N. A. Naser, K. H. Kahdim and D. N. Taha, Synthesis and Characterization of an Organic Reagent 4-(6-Bromo-2-Benzothiazolylazo) Pyrogallol and Its Analytical Application, Journal of Oleo Science, 61, 387-392 (2012). 7- N. A. Naser, K. H. Kahdim and D. N. Taha, A Simple Flow Injection-Spectrophotometric Determination of Copper(II) Using 4-(6-Bromo-2-Benzothiazolylazo) Pyrogallol as Chromogenic Agent, J. Babylon Univ., 21, No. 11(2013). 8- I. R. Ali, N. F. Makki , N. A. Naser, Extraction of Nickel (II) From Aqueous Solutions Using 2-[ (4-Bromo Phenyl) Azo]-4,5-Diphenyl Imidazole, J. Kufa for Chem. Science, No. 6(2013). 9- H. A. Hussein and N. A. Naser, Preparation of cellulose acetate by using available local alternative with chemical treatment and acetylation process, National J. Chem., 34, 207-214(2009). 10- K. Kadhim, N. A. Naser, A. Jreo, A. Majeed and A. Ali, Spectrophotometric Determination of Cobalt(II) Using 4-(6-bromo-2-benzothiazolylazo)resorcinol, National J. Chem.,32, 709-717(2008). 11- N. A. Naser, Analytical Study for well waters of Imam Ali's house in Kufa city, J. Babylon Univ., 15, 1032-1038(2008). 12- N. A. Naser, Spectrophotometric Determination of Cobalt(II) Using 4-(6-nitro-2-benzothiazolylazo)resorcinol, National J. Chem., 26, 173-179 (2007). 13- T. A. Alwani, N. A. Naser and S.H. Kadhim, Preparation and study of complexes of bis[(4-dimethyl amino)benzyldene] tri-ethylene tetra-amine with Manganese(II), Nickel(II) and Copper(II), J. Al-Qadisia Univ., 35, 372-379(2007). 14- N. A. Naser and K. H. Kadhim, Spectrophotometric Determination of Mercury(II) Using 2-Methyl-4-(3,4-dihydroxy phenyl)thiazole hydrochloride, National J. Chem., 16, 498-504(2004). 15- N. A. Naser and K. H. Kadhim, Spectrophotometric Determination of Iron(III) Using 2-Methyl-4-(3,4-dihydroxy phenyl)thiazole hydrochloride, National J. Chem., 13, 57-64(2004).