Naseem Kadhim Al-Mudhaffar ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Engineering - Electrical
[email protected]
1. 1994-1998 Baghdad Iraq -Teaching different Operating Systems and Programming Languages at Al-Asriya evening School. 2. 1994-1998 Baghdad Iraq- External lecturer and laboratory supervisor in the Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering, Al-Nahrain University. 3. 5/5/1998-31/8/1999 Musrata Libya - Lecturer and Student Project Supervisor in the Department of Electronic Engineering, Al-Fateh Institute. 4.18/10/1999-31/8/2001 Musrata Libya - Lecturer and Student Project Supervisor in the Department of Electronic Engineering, Institute of General Professions. 5.1/10/2001-31/8/2002 Musrata Libya - Lecturer in the Science Department, University of Musrata. Teaching Operating Systems, Data Structure and Pascal Language. Also supervised many students’ data base projects. 6.02/09/2002-31/8/2004 Jado Libya – Head of the Electronic Engineering Department, Institute of General Professions,. Managing department matters plus lecturing in different electronic and computer subjects. 7.01/10/2004-31/5/2006 Baghdad Iraq - Web site designer and developer, VSAT, Wired and Wireless Networking, Tigris Net Ltd,. Designing and developing Mustansiria and Technology Universities’ web sites, installing and maintaining VSAT terminals, design and implementation of different wired and wireless networks. 8. 1/6/2006-29/4/2012 Najaf Iraq - Engineering Design, Supervisor and Lecturer, Kufa University / Engineering Affairs Department. Electrical system design for the new Kufa University buildings, supervision of the project. Supervision of the University IT network. Lecturing in the Electrical Department / Engineering College. 9. 1/5/2012-28/2/2013 Head of the Design Section, Kufa University Office / Engineering Affairs Department. Design of the electrical systems of the new building of the University. 10. 1/3/2013- present day - Lecturer in the Electrical Department, University of Kufa, Engineering College. Lecturer in communications, project supervisor, review of electrical designs in the Engineering Consultant office.