NASIR ABDULHUSSEIN KAABI ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Arts - History
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Prof. Dr. Nasir Al-Kaabi College of Arts, University of Kufa – Iraq director of the Academic Centre for Research E.mail: [email protected] Tel -00964 7806544171 PERSONAL Date and place of Birth: 1978, Iraq Address: College of Arts, University of Kufa, Iraq E.mail: [email protected] Languages: (modern) Arabic, Persian, English EDUCATION Post-Doctoral Fellow Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. University of Toronto 2013 - 2015 PhD College of Arts, University of Kufa (Iraq) 2008 Thesis: Old Religions during the Sassanid Age Supervisor: Dr. Touraj Daryaee MA Department of History, University of Kufa (Iraq) 2002 BA Department of History, University of Kufa (Iraq) 1999 Courses ‘Middle Persian Texts,’ in Old Persian, 2007 Aramic, University of Toronto ,Department of>> Syraic , University of Toronto ,Department of????? Languages Department, Tehran University Diploma Persian Language and Literature, 2005-2006 Science Word Center (Iran) TEACHING CAREER Assistant Professor Department of History 2008- Present University of Kufa Director Academic Center for Research 2008 - Present University of Kufa Teaching Assistant Department of History 2004 University of Kufa PUBLICATIONS Books (in English) A Short Chronicle on the End of the Sasanian Empire and Early Islam 590 -660 A.D. : Translated from Syriac With Introduction and Notes Books (in Arabic) The Sassanid State: A Study of the Political History (Damascus: Raslan publishing House, 2008) The Debate between State and Religion in Ancient Eastern Thought: Iran, the Sassanid Era as an Example (Beirut: Al-Jamal publishing House, 2010) Arab History during the Pre-Islamic Period by Dr. Jawad Ali (Beirut: Academic Research Center, 2011) Researches in the Islamic History of Dr. Jawad Ali (Beirut: Academic Research Center, 2011) Translations from Persian to Arabic The Religious Movements in Iran during the First Islamic Centuries by Professor Ghulam Hussein Sideeqi (Beirut: 2011) Ancient Persian Legends by Professor Jala Amozgar (2011) Atlas i Shi’a by Rasoul Ja’farian Articles (in English) Articles (in English) “A New Repertoire of Crosses from the Ancient Site of Ḥīra, Iraq,” Journal of the CSSS14 (2014), pp. 90–102. “Report on the excavations of Ḥīra in 2010–2011,” Journal of the CSSS 12 (2012), pp. 60–68. Articles (in Arabic) “Al-Hira al-dha’ica Books by Hisham Ibn al-Kalbi: A study of the Second Version,” in Scientific Iraqi Revue (2010), pp. 132-143 “The Missing Book of ‘Udai ibn Yazid,” Revue of the Study Center at the University of Kufa (2008), pp. 38-65 “Maysan in the Sassanid Age,” Name- ye Iran-e Bastan (The International Journal of Ancient Iranian Studies, USA), (2010) pp. 3-24 “The Narrations of the Sassanid State in Chronicle of Arbela: Comparative Study,” Zen Revue (Sulaymania) (2010), pp. 83-122 CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS “The Congress on Iran &Iraq Cultural-Historical Relations Research,” Tehran University, (2011) “Writing history,” French Cultural Center, Erbil, Iraq (2010) "Dialectic of state and religion in Iran before Islam,” Baghdad University for Human Sciences (2009) “Concept of the the Sassanid,” Al-Muthanna University for Human Sciences (2008) COURSES TAUGHT University of Kufa (Iraq) -Ancient History of Persia and Iraq in the Pre-Islamic Period -History of the Greeks and the Romans -History of the Arabs before Islam -Sassanian and Byzantine History -Philosophy of history -Arabic Historical Texts -Persian language - Academic Writing University of Al-Mustafa (Iran) -History of Sciences and Records of Historians,