Nada Mohsin Aboghunaim ( Assistant Lecturer )
College Education - English Language
[email protected]
I have graduated from the college of arts/ department of English since 2010 and I have B.A. I completed my M.A. Applied Linguistics from university of Liverpool 2016. my primary area of expertise is functional grammar . my research focuses on functional grammar as well as discourse analysis.I am also more generally interested in the methodology of teaching grammar.I am currently a lecturer in the Faculty of Education/ University of Kufa. I have an English certificate that I pass an English course before the master degree at the University of Liverpool in 2015. I worked in TOEFL Centre at the University of Kufa in 2011 till I finished my work in order to undertake my master degree in the UK. one of my jobs was holding English courses to postgraduate students. I also held an elementary English course for the university staff.