Nada Rudha Alharis ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine
[email protected]
Name : Nada Rudha Ali Alharis Date of birth: 15/5/1975. Place of birth: Diwanya, Iraq. Citizenship: Iraqi. Present address: Kufa College of Medicine, University of Kufa, P.O Box 18, Kufa, Iraq. PERSONAL INFORMATIONS: Marital state: married. Phone number: 009647808504042 E-mail: [email protected] EDUCATION AND DEGREES: M.B.Ch.B (1999): College of Medicine , University of Kufa. FIBMS-Diagnostic Radiology (2007): Fellow of the Iraqi Board for Medical Specialization. APPOINTMENTS: 2007- Present : Lecturer , Dept. of Radiology, Kufa medical college ,Specialist Radiologist in Al- Najaf Teaching Hospital. 2001-2006: Senior house officer, postgraduate student (FIBMS) ,Bagdad medical city teaching hospital. My research work was: Diagnosis of acute cholecystitis by color & power Doppler sonography. 1999-2001: House officer, Najaf teaching hospital. RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS: PUBLISHED PAPERS: 1.MRI of the lumbosacral spines in patient without back pain(2010),Qadissya Medical Journal, vol 6 pp 120-124. 2.Sensitivity of ultrasound in differentiation between complicated & uncomplicated hepatic hydatid cyst (2010), Kufa Medical Journal, vol 13 No. 2 pp 190- 195. 3.Ultrasonographic survey for developmental dysplasia of the hip in female neonates in Al-Najaf city (2010), Kufa Medical Journal, vol 13 No. 2 pp 59-66. .