mushtaq bashir alghazali ( Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - History
[email protected]
Name: Mushtaq Bashir Hamoud al-Ghazali Nascent: 1973 Iraq Degree: PhD (2004) Specialization: Islamic thought and studies Orientalist Academic title: professor (Professor) Workplace: University of Kufa / Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific / Republic of Iraq and the search Discussed and oversaw dozens of theses and doctoral thesis since 2007 until now His numerous large section of them works published on the Internet, namely: 1. Book the Qur'an in the Orientalist studies (printed 2008 Dar valuables Beirut) 2. Book British Orientalism and the evolution of writing biography of the Prophet cleared (unpublished manuscript) 3. supplies for the food the soldiers until the end of the Umayyad era ... a study in Mruyat Maghazi and Fotouh (manuscript) 4-revelation and the Qur'an and the future of Islam in the book ..astaqraouat Islamic revelation Orientalist Montgomery Watt 5. More than 16 scientific research.