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Name:MURTADHAABD-ULHASAN JAAFAR ALDHALEMI Agriculture Scientific Department/ Food Science Email: [email protected] Summary of Scientific Biography Bachelor degree in Food Science / University of Kufa 2019. Demonstrator in the Department of Food Science / Faculty of Agriculture since 2015-2017. Obtaining a Master's degree in Food Science / Dairy Chemistry / University of Kufa 2018-2019. Participation in the third scientific conference of modern techniques of animal and plant production held in the Faculty of Agriculture - University of Kufa for the period 17-18 April 2013 - Participation in the scientific symposium (problems of food processing in Iraq) held in the Department of Food Sciences - Faculty of Agriculture - University of Kufa in 13-12-2012. - Participation in the second Najaf International Exhibition for Agriculture and Food held under the slogan (modern agriculture achieve food security and development) for the period 19-22 February 2013. the activities - Received many thanks and appreciation books from the Minister and the President of the University of Kufa and Mr. Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture.