monaf abd al azez shaban ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Education for Women - Physical Education ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
- the date of appointment and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / University of Kufa 10/06/2001 He holds a bachelor's degree in Physical Education and Sports Science / Baghdad University / 1997, holds a master's degree in Physical Education and Sport Sciences / University of Qadisiyah / 2012 the competence of management and organization, racket games - Associate director of student activities at the head of the university department - Director of the Division of Physical Education at the University Presidency - Numerous university teams coach - Winner of the first centers in Alaadidd of competitions between universities as a trainer and head of the delegation - Letters of appreciation, Dean of the College 19, Assistant Rector 9, Rector 32, Minister of 6 Research Interests 1. Games racket 2. Management and Administration Sports Research published 1. Mr. Manaf Abdul Aziz Mohammed (a comparative study of some functional variables for your kidneys between students of the Department of Physical Education and the Department of Computing at the College of Education for Girls - University of Kufa) 2009 Issue 5 Kufa Arts / University of Kufa Review 2. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naji Abu Ghneim, Mr. Manaf Abdul Aziz Mohammed (effect of some weightlifting exercises using Moltjm device to improve rapid force to the muscles of the two men and the completion of the triple jump) 2011 Qadisiyah journal Science Physical Education / University of Qadisiyah 3. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Jassim al-Khalidi, MM Manaf Abdul Aziz Mohammed (analytical study of the speed of the spear starting point for the champions Iraq in the effectiveness of the javelin) 2012 volume 13 issue 2 Qadisiyah journal Science Physical Education / University of Qadisiya