Mohammed Shaker Al-Shakerchy ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Engineering - Civil
[email protected]
- B. Sc. in civil engineering from Babylon University in 1995, joined the staff of faculty of engineering in 1996; - M.Sc. from University of Technology / Building and construction Department in the field of geotechnical engineering in 2000; - PhD in geotechnical engineering from University of Technology / Building and construction Department, Iraq in 2007, - Asst. Prof. since July 2012; - Research Interest: 1. Analysis of cracks in building, 2. Selection and interpretations of soil investigation (field and laboratory); 3. Analysis and design of different types of buildings foundation; 4. Solution of groundwater problems during and after construction (lowering and dewatering of the groundwater); 5. Analysis and design of piles (including the selection of suitable type); 6. Study of soil alterations through water infiltration and movement. - Teaching Interests and Experience: 1. Advanced Foundation Engineering, 2. Advanced Soil Mechanics, 3. Flow Through Porous Media, 4. Soil Mechanics, 5. Foundation Engineering. - Supervisions 1. Effect of Water Seepage on Nearby Structures A Case Study of Sayf Thulfiqar Artificial Lake in Bahr Al-Najaf, M.Sc., 2012, student: Salam A. Abbas Al-Janabi, Kufa University. 2. Hydraulic design of Infiltration basins in Bahr Al Najaf, M.Sc., 2013, student: Mustafa M. Abdal Husain, Kufa University. 3. Water Resource Management in Bahr Al Najaf, M.Sc., 2014, student: Ali Abbas, Kufa University. 4. Effect of hydraulic Characteristics of Euphrates on the Meandering Process at Al-Abbasia Reach, M.Sc., 2014, student: Zaid Nori Hashim, Kufa University.