Mohammed Jebur Durib ( Professor )
Faculty of Education -
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Name: Professor.Dr.Mohammed Jebur Durib College: Faculty of Education for girl Department :Education &Psychology Sinces P.O.Box Address: Najaf. Kufa University Mobile :00964- 07801847751. E-mail: [email protected] او [email protected] - PH .D in Since Education ( Chemistry Instruction Methods & Curriculum ), Baghdad University, faculty of education. - MA in Since Education (Chemistry Instruction Methods & curriculum). Baghdad University, faculty of education. - BSC, in Science of chemistry , faculty of education, Baghdad University. Rsearch Interest: 1.Thinking 2.Tests&Measurement 3.Teaching models 4.Content Analysis Publication: 1. The challenges of globalization on curriculum from the perspective of faculty members and proposals to deal with it. International Conference on Education & Educational Psychology 2013 (ICEEPSY 2013),Turkya,Intalya.In Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 112 ( 2014 ) 1196 – 1206. Available online at 2. The role of the curriculum in the development of study skils and positive thinking among students of the College of Education for Girls.In Journal of Education College For Humantic Sciences.No,12,2013,PP,97-136. 3. Constrations and quality requairements and procedural and assurance in University educations, In Journal of Education College For Humantic Sciences.No,15,2014,PP,81-112 Latral thinking and problem-solving skills have outsiding schools and ordinary students.In Kufa Studies Center Journal,No,34,2015,PP,308-381