mohammed jasim alkhalidi ( Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Physical Education ( Head of the Department )
[email protected]
1... Mohammed Jassim Mohammed Radi Areiar Khalidi 2... He holds a doctorate from the University of Baghdad / College of Physical Education. 3.. The author of the nine of scientific books. 4... interpreter two books. 5..5 Patented. 6.. publisher of more than 50 scientific papers. 7.. Supervisor on many of the master's and doctoral students. 8.. discuss many of the messages . 9.. Prize Day holds a flag. 10.. Iraq champion and the recipient of numerous international awards. 11.. instructor within the International Classification. 12 .. teaching in the College of Education for Girls / University of Kufa. Research interests: 1. Biomechanics. 2. Athletics. The research’s published in scopes journal : 1.Mohammed Jasim Mohammed Al-khalidi , Asraa kathum Dkheel al-Ghazali . (2017) ,The Effect of physiotherapy of spine Deviations According to Anatomical and Kinematic Analysis , journal of Global pharma Technology , indea,08(9) ,68. 2.Mohammed Jasim Mohammed Al-khalidi et al . (2017) , the effects of using a geometric shaped sponge on the physiological motion and kinematics variables to perform the front-hand somersault skill, , journal of Global pharma Technology , indea,08(9) ,75 3. Mohammed Jasim Mohammed Al-khalidi, raghdeh esma-eel khaleel al-rikabi,(2017) , the effect of education tools exercises on certain joints angles in javelin performance and achievement, journal of Global pharma Technology , indea,08(9) ,72