mohammed ali al-asadi ( Professor )
Faculty of Jurisprudency -
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Name: Assistant professor, Dr. Muhammad Ali Hashim Taher al-Asadi Births: 1960 Academic achievement : Elementary: forum posting 1973. Medium: Medium Najaf 1976-1977. Junior: junior Najaf 1979-1980. College: College of Hadith - Al-Mustansiriya University. 1984-1985. MA: Faculty of Theology - University of Kufa. 1989-1990 - Holds the first master's degree in the history of the Faculty of Theology since its founding in 1958, its mission tagged (money management are not minor in Islamic jurisprudence) PhD: Faculty of Theology - University of Kufa. 2006 - Holds the first doctorate in the history of the Faculty of Theology since its founding in 1958 Botrouhth tagged (the judiciary organization and independence in Islamic Sharia Study compared Baleghanon-). Scientific Activities: 1 Participate in the negative phenomena conference in Iraqi universities, held at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 1993, is marked by the search (finery at the universities of causes - results - cured) -2 Establish a scientific symposium at the Faculty of Law under the theme (the legislative vacuum in the Islamic law). -3 Participating establishment with special needs in Najaf conference. 4 Member of the Curriculum Committee and vocabulary to put Sheikh Tusi University College. 5. also participated in several conferences and seminars in Iraqi universities. Research carried out: -1 Finery in universities (causes, consequences, treatment) / publication 2. certificate of non-Muslims in Islamic jurisprudence / publication.  - Spend three grievances (the administrative structure and nature of judicial procedures and deterrent in Islamic law / publication. -4 Arbitration (and the nature of its authority in the judicial Islamic law / publication. - 5 Islamic curriculum in baby / finished breeding. -6 Concept of diligence and Amkanh / Completed  -7 Eliminate irregularities (arithmetic) in the Islamic / Sharia done. 8 -alaajaz science in the Quran / unfinished.  -9 Tossed chaste women in Islamic jurisprudence / unfinished.   -10 Year and its impact on different scholars / unfinished. -11 Commandment and provisions (systematic search for students of Sharia and Law) / Achieved. -12 Marriage, divorce and gunning and lactation (systematic search for students of Sharia and Law) / Completed -13 Article entitled (the art of diction and rhetoric) / publication Books author: - 1 in disciplines related to the judiciary in the Islamic law / under way. 2 - justice system in Islam - a comparative study of law Colleges studied: -1 Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa (Department of Philosophy and the Department of Arabic Language) until 1993.2 - Girls College of Education / University of Kufa (Department of Arabic-language Koran and Islamic education branch) until 1998. -3 Institute prepare teachers / Mountain West University / Libya until 2002.  -4 Talk Institute Sharif / Libya in 2002. -5 Faculty of Law / University of Babylon / until 2006. 6-Faculty of Law / University of Kufa / until 2011. 7 Faculty of Jurisprudence / University of Kufa / Continuous yet. 8. University College of Humanities in Najaf (lecturer) - 9 Sheikh Tusi University College (Lecturer ( Materials that have been taught: 1 -alossaaa and inheritance in Islamic law for students in the faculties of law. -2 Wills and inheritances in the Iraqi Personal Status Law in law schools. -3 Marriage and divorce in Islamic law for students in the faculties of law. -4 Marriage and divorce in the Iraqi Personal Status for students of the faculties of law. -5 Transactions in Islamic jurisprudence for students of law. 6-criminal Islamic jurisprudence for students of law. 7 -alom Koran / for students of the College of Education for Girls. -8 Entrance to the study of Islamic / for students of the Faculty of Sharia law. -9 Research Methodology / for students of the Faculty of Arts. -10 Art of diction and oratory. 11 -altobeir for students of the Faculty of Arts. -12 Public rights in the Islamic system / law students. 13 Islamic legal -alnzam between reality and theory to students of law. -14 Jurisdiction and stone in Islamic jurisprudence. -15 Methods of teaching the Koran. 16. The judicial system of the Faculty of Islamic Studies He holds a certificate of appreciation and thanked several books. Practical activities: 1. one of the members of the constituent body of Sheikh Tusi University College. -2 Central Committee member at the University of Kufa, educational guidance. -3 Committee Chairman Almtafvin aid students in the College of Law. -4 Participation in exhibitions calligraphy and painting and getting several awards in this field, despite his writing and practice the art of painting and calligraphy in his mouth and feet. 5. Member of the committee authored the curriculum of the faculties of law in Iraq 6. editor of the Faculty of Theology Director Courses: 1. course in calligraphy. 2-cycle in the computer. 3 - A training course in continuing education and teaching methods. Messages and Alatarih supervised by: First / doctoral thesis 1. The principle of freedom in the Islamic economy (compared to economic positivism regimes) 2. archives linear and modern means of proof in the judicial (Family disputes a model - a comparative study of law 3. Impact of the general rules in the jurisprudence of the verdicts and policies Second / theses: 1. jurisprudence of real estate transactions in Iraq (selling a model) 2. The provisions of traffic and highways in Islamic jurisprudence The lessons that have been taught in graduate studies: 1. deductive Fiqh (PhD) 2. Comparative Islamic Jurisprudence (Master) 3. modern Sentences (MA) 4. jurisprudential rules (MA) 5. Research Methodology (MA) 6. Islamic Criminal Jurisprudence (Alamein Institute of Higher Studies Department of Law)