Faculty of Nursing - General Nursing ( Head of the Department )
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Lecturer. Mohammed Abdul-Kareem Mustafa Najaf Governorate, Iraq Telephone No.: + 964(0) 7811679765 Email: [email protected] B.Sc. from University of Kirkuk (college of Nursing) 2007-2008. M.Sc. University of Baghdad/ Faculty of Nursing 2012-2013. Now I am the head of the adult nursing branch and I am Instructor in the Faculty of Nursing / University of Kufa. Research Interest: - Critical care nursing. - Adult nursing. Teaching Interest: 1. Critical care nursing. 2. Adult nursing. 3. Assessment (physical examination). 4. Fundamental of nursing. Research: 1- Assessment of nurses' knowledge towards cardiopulmonary resuscitation at al-Najaf medical city. 2- Effect of Spinal versus General Anesthesia on Pulmonary Functions among Adults at Al-Sadder Medical City: Comparative Study. 3- Evaluation of Cardiac Catheterization effect on Patients’ Renal Functions. 4- Effect of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) upon Lung Functions among Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease at Al-Najaf Cardiac Center: Correlation study. 5- Arterial Blood Gases for post Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Patients at Al-Najaf Cardiac Center. 6- Assessment of Dietary Habit for Hypertensive Patient at Al - Sadr Medical City. 7- Risk Factors for Pre-Cholecystectomy Patients' at AL-Sadder Medical City.