Mohammed Abdulzahra Ghafel ( Professor )
Faculty of Basic Education - Arabic Language
[email protected]
Full Name: Mohammed Abdul-Zahra Ghafel. Degree: PhD. Specialization: Modern Linguistics. Graduation from the initial study year: Faculty of Arts, University of Baghdad 1984/1985. Master's thesis: linguistic research at bigeye, Faculty of Arts, University of Baghdad in 1991. PhD thesis: linguistic manifestations in Mutanabi hair, Faculty of Arts, University of Baghdad in 1996. Date of appointment: 02/10/1986 Promotions: 29/09/1992 Assistant Lecturer 03/05/1997 teacher 28/05/2001 Assistant Professor Professor 09/25/2012 Material that has taught Preliminary studies: Exchange (for the first and second), linguistics (third), philology (fourth), as (for all stages), grammar schools. Graduate Studies: 1. Master: 1.aldrasat acoustic 2.aldrasat morphological 3. contemporary linguistic studies 2. Dr. A. H: 1 SOUND morphological studies 2.thalil language text. - Participated in many conferences inside and outside Iraq - Published more than 7 research and has written a book under copyright - Supervised 10 PhD dissertations and 13 master - Discussed more than 17 PhD thesis and more than 50 Master Thesis - Lectured and participated in several courses. - Straighten 5 PhD and 4 messages Master messages calendar scientifically. - Straighten dozens of scientific research for the purpose of promotion and alliance-building and Alnscheralalma and research conferences - Straighten linguistically more than 6 Master Messages - Participated in the presidency and the membership exam and scientific committees and Jinan graduate and membership of a committee to study the proposal for the introduction of the Manuscript Center and the achievement of texts at the University of Kufa - A member of the teachers union. - Member of the General Union of Writers in Iraq.