Mohammed Yassin alshshakri ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Arabic Language
[email protected]
Assistant Professor Dr. Shukri Mohammed Yasin Kufa University College of Education for Girls Teaching / College of Education for Girls Najaf province - the Republic of Iraq 7 Mobile: 00964780020201 E-mail: [email protected] He holds a bachelor's degree in Arabic Language / Faculty of Arts, University of Kufa / Najaf / Iraq, a master's degree in Arabic language and literature from the Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa, was his thesis entitled (Iraqi researchers efforts in facilitating as of 1950-2000m study and evaluation) has been approved the letter grade (very good high). He holds a doctorate in Arabic language and literature from the Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa, a certificate, and was his doctoral dissertation titled (as Kufi in the interpretations of the Koran in the third, fourth and fifth centuries of migration) has been approved dissertation grade (very good). Research Interests : 1 –amaaljh Arabic grammar problems in order to facilitate . language books for any elaboration of which sources and references tolev 2- Research published : 1 - Dr. Mohammed Yaseen Shukri, reading in the book: the apple in the way of Abu Jaafar copper (d. 338 AH) in the Arabic language and literature magazine, published by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Kufa, in 2013 started. Issue 18, Page (297-322).). 2 - Dr. Mohamed Yassin Al-Shukri, the ranges of the Quranic text by Ibn reap (v 392 e) in Qadisiya Journal of Arts and Educational Sciences issued by the Faculty of Education at the University of Qadisiya in 2013 .alcild XIII, that number (3-4), Page (239-267).). - 3 -Dr. Mohamed Yassin Al-Shukri, the root connotation (Q x T) in the use of Quranic, published in the scientific journal Universit