Mohamad Ali AL-atafi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Administration and Economics -
[email protected]
Genercl Specialization: Economic. B.SC, Mosul Univ .College of Agri 1974, P.H.D , Higher Economic Institute, 1984 Fit Specialization : Specialization of Agrarian Production. Publish .scientific researches( 1910-2014) Cooperatives between the contiousity and the dissolving ,- Ability of Rice Najaf & Diwaniya,- private agri.activity & its role in Development,- Rice Iraq between reality & perspective,- Iraqis Central Bank and Financing for Ari. Remained Development\ under publishing,- Agri. Remained Development Requirements and Perspective\ under publishing- Scientific cooperatives associated; Babylon since 1998, Teachers Syndicate since 1992 , / Society of Economists Manageral levels in Kufa University; Assistant decan1993-1994 , Kufa Univ. Head of cooperation Depart. 2002-2003, Reporter of Finan. &Banking Depart. 2009-2013, Managerial service record; Head of Branch Agriculture l Diayala l, 1976-1979 , Head of planning l Diayala l , 1985-1987 , Head of Directorate Agriculture in Diayala Governarate , 1985-1989 Associations in society service: Offering searches in civil society organizations 2010 -2014 Rewards: 2 Thanks : 6 Training rotations & groups associated: 1.Financin &managerial swindle & forgery. 2.Solutions for.Financin &managerial swindle & forgery. 3.Inflation and the solutions by the central bank. 4.Assumptional Library. 5.Uniersity week festival. 6.Family s Laws.\conference\. 7.Husseins Revolution ,Guide nesses and Cocepts \seminar\ Associations in scientific conferences: 1.First economic scientific conference with search. 2.Second economic scientific conference. 3.Family Laws conference \in Kufa Studies Center \2014 Scientific skills: First studies :Teaching the following objects in Department of cooperation, business ,economics and financing &banking Scientifics department: 1.Mathematics 2.Economics. 3.Financing Mathematics 4.Financing &banking correspondence in English. 5. .Financing &banking control in English. Second :Post-graduated studies; 1.English Concepts and definitions for Masc. &PH.D students Academic skills : - teaching Principles of economics and Public Finance in Al-Imam al-Sadiq University for the first and second stages since 2010 to 2012 - member of discussion commission on Msc student . in Qadisya University\2009\ -evaluate many scientific .researches were sent from Basrah ,Musol, Wasit and Kufa Universities Publishing books: 1.Agricultural Economics and its application s in Iraq -2006. It was be teached for the third stage in Department of Economics for the period 2006-2012. 2.Investment decisions evaluation\ under publishing. 3 Iraqis Central Bank ---Executives and Obligations in Agri .sector \under publishing. 4 Agri.Invest ment and Limites for attractive the Foreign Investment\under publishing. . Incentive works With Department of Research &development l Ministry of Higher Education &Scientific Research there is a contract in 2008 for preparing research( Rice production in Iraq ) Translated books: 1.Banking marketing manner. 2.Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business Management. 3. Financing &banking control\ Had teached in fourth stage \2009-2013\