Moamel Saleem Merzah ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Archeaology
[email protected]
EXPERIENCE Teaching Staff Member Researchers • Lecturer of Ancient History item for 2nd class in Faculty of Arts/ History Dept.,University of Kufa. • Lecturer of Archaeology Principle item for 1st class and Islamic Architecture item for 2nd class in Faculty of Archaeology, University of Kufa. • Lecturer of Heritage Building item for 3rd and Egypt Islamic Architecture for 4th class in the Faculty of Archaeology, University of Kufa. • Member in many committes in University of Kufa, like scientific committee, examination committee. • Supervision of undergraduate student's researches for many years. • Preparation of Faculty of Archaeology creation study of at the University of Kufa. • Participant in many workshops and conferences of heritage and archaeology in Iraq. • Participant in the conference of Arab Archaeologists Union in Egypt. • Participant in the conference of ARISKA in Turkey. • Participant with many scientific organizations. • Participant in the heritage scan for Najaf City, which was held by State Board of Antiquities and Heritage – Baghdad. • Preparation of archaeological awareness week in University of Kufa, Najaf Governorate. • Lecturer of Islamic architecture item for 2nd class in Faculty of Archaeology and Heritage and excavation methods item for 3rd and 4th class in the Faculty, University of AlQadissiaya. • Rapporteur of the Antiquities and Heritage Committee in Najaf, the capital of Islamic culture. Member in the Culture Committee of Endomnets and Religious Tourism to Najaf Heritage Museum and Great Iraqi Revolution of 1920. • Member in Excavation of Hereaa City for the season 2007. • Member in Excavation work at Marad City, which is related to Archaeology Department at Qadissiya University. • Get Master degree of Islamic Archaeology in Archaeology Department/ Faculty of Arts in the University of Baghdad- Baghdad. • Participant in Stone Brooke American University workshop to train the Iraqi researchers at Jordon – Amman from 19 Jun to 26 August.