Maitham Mahdi Alhamami ( Professor )
Faculty of Basic Education - Arabic Language ( Dean )
[email protected]
Assistant Professor Dr. Maitham Mahdi Saleh Al-Hamami University of Kufa Faculty of Basic Education Najaf Governorate – Iraq Place of Birth. Birth: Najaf / 1970 Place of residence: Najaf Al Ashraf Cellular: 07801374285 E-mail [email protected] Certificates: 1. Bachelor of Baghdad University / Faculty of Education Ibn Rushd 1995 2. Master of Kufa University / Faculty of Education for Girls 1998 3. Ph.D., University of Kufa / Faculty of Arts, 2008 Positions held by: - Director of the Central Library at the University of Kufa Faculty of Arts 2002 - 2003 AD - Assistant Director of Internal Departments in the Office of the University of Kufa from 6/7/2006 to 23/7/2006 - Director of internal departments in the University of Kufa, 2006 - 2011 - Head of Department of Arabic Language / Faculty of Basic Education 2011 to 2016 - Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs - Faculty of Basic Education - University of Kufa from 2/4/2016 to 31/8/2016 - Dean of the Faculty of Basic Education - University of Kufa from 31/8/2017 until now Administrative Service Record: - Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa 2002 - 2003 / Teaching - Faculty of Basic Education / University of Kufa 2011 to now / teaching Contributions to community service: - Member of the planning committee for the project of Najaf Capital of Islamic Culture / 2007 - Member of the Preparatory Committee for Imam Ali Award (2011) - Expert of the electronic Najaf Encyclopedia / 2012. - Member of the team of the Quranic Dictionary of the Holy Quran I have participated in international, international and local conferences and I have a range of research in the field of language and literature within my scientific specialization (Arabic language / language and grammar) Research Interests: Quranic Studies Islamic Thought Interests: 1. Philology and linguistics. 2. Arabic grammar 3. The Arabic Dictionary.