Maytham Hameed Alqanbar ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine
[email protected]
Degrees (qualifications) M.B.Ch.B.(1988) - F.I.B.M.S.(1997) Fellow of Shiraz university of medical sciences in advanced laparoscopic surgery (2019) Past jobs 1988 -1990 house officer 1990 – 1991 clinical practice in rural areas 1991 – 1993 SHO in general surgery 1993 – 1997 candidate of Iraqi board for medical specialization 1997 – General surgeon and lecturer Head of medical education unit 2010-2013 Head of department of urology 2011-2017 Professional & scientific committees A recognized supervisor and trainer of candidates of Iraqi board of general surgery A recognized trainer for candidates of Arab board of general surgery Professional organization & NGOS a) Member of Iraqi Medical Association. b) Member of Committee of Iraqi Surgeons. c) Member of Iraqi society of Obesity surgeons d) Member of international federation for the surgery of obesity and metabolic disorder (IFSO) Experience General surgery Metabolic and bariatric surgery Laparoscopic surgery Honors & distinction Publication *A study of 100 cases of road traffic accidants admitted to al Sadr teaching hospital. kufa med.j,1 * Carbon dioxide laser in treatment of verruca vulgaris. Kufa med j. 2002, 5(2) * Diagnostic value of C reactive protein measurement in patients with acute appendicitis . The Iraqi postgraduate med j.2007 vol.6 no,4 * A comparative study between imipramine ,oxybutynin and nondrug therapy in treating nocturnal enuresis . The Iraqi postgraduate med j.2009 vol.8 no,2 * Incidence of postoperative deep veins thrombosis in general surgical wards detected by Doppler ultrasound study. kufa med.j,1 Inadvertent removal of parathyroid gland during thyroid surgery. kufa med j .2012 vol15 no, 3. * Renal dysfunction after major surgical operation : the impact of age, gender, and obesity. kufa med j .2012 vol15 no,1 * Associated risks of obesity and/or metabolic syndrome with intra-operative or post-operative occurrences in patients with open ventral hernia repair. Journal of Surgery, 2017; 5(4): 62-67 * In vitro evaluation of the protoscolicidal effect of Eucalyptus globulus essential oil on protoscolices of hydatid cyst compared with hypertonic saline, povidone iodine and silver nitrate (Journal of Visceral Surgery 2019 Sep;156 (4):291-295) * Effects of obesity on the pulmonary function test. Pren. Med. Argent, 2019;105(10): 693-699. * Helicobacter pylori in obese females. Acta Facult Med Naissensis, 2019; 36(4):310-315 * Assessment of accuracy of three dimensional ultrasound in diagnosis of perianal fistula in comparison to operative findings. Pren. Med. Argent, 2020