maryam Jabbar al mayaly ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine
[email protected]
Name : Maryam Jabbar Ghaz Date of birth: July 10,1980 Gender: female Adress: Eljamia Quarter , Najaf , Iraq Mobile: 009647811345864 Basic medical qualification: MBChB, FICMS Date conferred: 24/7/2004 Qualifying university: Kufa University ,College of Medicine Nationality: Iraqi First language: Arabic Religion: Muslim Ethnicity: Arabic Marital Status: Married Training Program Rotation two years: (2005-2006) First Year: (3) months in General Medicine, (3) months in Paediatrics, (3) months in Gynaecology & Obstetrics (3) months in General Surgery. Second Year: (2) months in each department: Urology, Cardiovascular, Orthopaedics, ENT, RCU, and Ophthalmology. Postrotation Residency: (2007) Resident (12) months in Urology. Admitted to the Iraqi Board for Medical Specialization in Urology (2008) First Year: Resident (12) months in General Surgery \Achieving a course in Basic Science and Principles of Surgery. Second Year: Resident (12) months in Urology Third Year: Resident (1) months in Nephrology Resident (1) months in Neurology, Resident (1) months in Cardiovascular, Resident (9) months in Urology Fourth year: Resident (12) months in Urology Fifrth year: Resident (12) months in Urology Award FICMS fellowship of Iraqi Board of Medical Specialization at 24-11-2012. Work Experience 2013- till now Lecturer (College of medicine, Department of Urology) 2013- till now Specialty urosurgeon in Al-Sadar Medical City (Najaf) Published Researches 1. Endoscopic repair of vesicovaginal fistula, International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Research(IJSER), ISSN: 2347-3878, volume 6 issue 1, January 2018. Interests • Female urology, urinary incontinence and urethral surgery • Medical education (Multiple workshops and conferences in Iraq & Finland)