Mareim Hadi AL-Jafairi ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Jurisprudency - Quran Science
[email protected]
Name: Maraim Hadi Reza Abdul Amir - Generation: Najaf - 18/7/1988 Job Title: Assistant Lecturer - Academic achievement : 1 - Obtained a bachelor's degree in the Sciences of the Holy Quran and Hadith according to the document numbered 3645 on 19/10/2010 and the validity of the issuance of the number Q4 / 482 on 4/8/2011. 2- I obtained a Master's Degree in Sharia and Islamic Sciences from Karbala University / Faculty of Islamic Sciences by the University Order No. 1051 on 8/3/2018 - Department where I worked for six years: graduate studies - The date of starting the job for the first time: 16/2/2012 according to the university order No. MB / 4953 on 16/2/2012 Marital status: Married - Thanks and appreciation: I got (8) books of thanks and appreciation from the Dean and (8) books of thanks and appreciation from the University - Title of Thesis: Analytical Interpretation Study in Curricula and Mechanisms - Surat Al-Talaq is a model. - Publications: The first is the contemporary reading of the reception and its impact on analytical interpretation Second: the relationship between analytical interpretation and contemporary reading of interpretation - Courses: 1 - I got a course of teaching methods from the University of Kufa. 2 - I got the first rank in the computer course from the University of Kufa. 3 - Obtained the first place in the course of the safety of Arabic language established by the Faculty of Fiqh. 4 - I got the course of teaching authority from the University of Kufa. 5 - I got the test of the safety of Arabic language from the presidency of the University of Kufa.