Maki khaleel . ( Professor )
Faculty of Jurisprudency -
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Maki Khalil Hammoud Nascent Babylon 1957 Doctorate History of Islam Jurisdiction exact date of Ph.D. Years to obtain the certificate in 1995 Degree professor Year obtained 28/05/2014 My teaching career title - Kufa University - Faculty of Theology - Department of Modern Science Professor of graduate studies for material scientific research method and material Orientalism and Qur'anic studies and the subject of the seminar Certificate obtained  1. Bachelor of Arts University of Baghdad in 1980 2. Master History of Islam - Baghdad University - the Faculty of Arts in 1987 3-Doctor of Philosophy History of Islam - Baghdad University - Faculty of Arts 1995 - Research Interests 1. philosophy of Islamic civilization 2. sects and religions Research published 1-analysis of the literature in the science of men 2-Hajar Bin Adi Canadian role in the events of his time 3-position slide-determination and the unity of the Islamic 4-Asadi curriculum son penguin ornaments in his eyes Mayor News 5-theory of the legislative vacuum when Mr. Martyr Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr  6-Fatima Zahra in enough Kulayni 7-systematic monitoring of the philosophy of history at the Ibn Khaldun 8-vision methodology to book enough to Clini 9. vision of Islamic Sharia sport as a necessity for the construction of the body Author of books Boredom and the bees Shahristani study in its content and approach and his views the activities - Attend and contribute in many scientific conferences and symposia held by the University of Kufa and beyond - Member of the Commission exam for postgraduate studies since 2006 until now - A member of many committees within the college - Discussed a number of letters and Alatarih - Get more than a book of thanks by the Minister of Higher Education - Get more than a book of thanks from the president of the University of Kufa and the University of Babylon - Served as the decision of the Department of faith and Islamic Thought - Served as Student Affairs official registration at the College of Fiqh - Served as the Director of Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Theology - Discussed a number of master's and Ph.D. - Contributed to attend a number of conferences and seminars in universities Mekhlef - In a lot of committees Member -                        Articles published in newspapers and magazines 1. the educational process and the requirements of the times - was published in Zaman newspaper number 2042 2005 2. modernization of higher education tracks - published in the morning newspaper number 373 2006 Other Activities 1. Member of the Union of Arab Historians 2. Member of the General Union of Writers 3. member of the Iraqi Society for Educational and Psychological Sciences 4. member of the Iraqi Association for Science Albarrasaiklogih 5. Researcher in Hammurabi's Center for Research and Strategic Studies - from civil society organizations