Majid Mohammed Alhachami ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education - English Language
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Hachami Majid Mohammed Hilla/ Iraq. Telephone: E-mail : [email protected] or [email protected] Date of Birth and place of birth : 1-1-1965 Baghdad/Iraq. CURRENT SITUATION --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lecturer—Department of English Language college of Education University of Kufa, Holy Najaf, Iraq -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDUCATION M.A. in English from University of Baghdad ,Baghdad, Iraq 2008 B.A. Honors in English University of Baghdad, Baghdad , Iraq 1997 TEACHGING EXPERIENCE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lecturer—Department of English Language University of Kufa ,Holy Najaf ,Iraq 2008- 2010 -Lecturer in Kufa 2013- Courses Training course in UK /University of Surrey for two weeks in July, 2011 Training Course in Iraq in July, 2010(AED) for FOUR days in Baghdad Training course in USA , University of Kentucky March and April,2012(one month) Researches: 4 Published researches and one unpublished : 1-Phonologcal Deviations in Dickens’ ’ Hard Time’ 2-Phonological and Grammatical Deviations in Dickens’ ‘ Oliver Twist’(Unpublished) 3-Conversational Analysis in Beckett’s ‘Endgame’ 4-Phonological Deviations in O’Neill’s ‘ Hairy Ape’ 5-Some Informal Contractions in American English. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teaching: 1-Teaching Phonetics and Phonology for two years for the first year class . 2-Teaching Composition for three years for the first and second year class . 3-Teaching translation in 2012-2013 4- Teaching Linguistics for the third and fourth year of evening studies. 5- Teaching Phonetics for the second year College of Education and third year Research 2017. 6-Teaching English for non-departmental students of High studies 2017. body Dear Mr. Majid and Musaab Good Evening Would you please have a look on this e-mail and then discuss it together and make your mind which courses you like to work on.Send me your dicisions please. Regards Yours Dr.Siham --- On Sun, 11/9/11, Esam Hewayde wrote: From: Esam Hewayde Subject: Fw: English courses for 2012 To: "siham alkawaz" Cc: "ahmed Emmarah" Date: Sunday, 11 September, 2011, 8:40 Dear Dr. Siham Attached are the list of courses that will be reviewed March 2012 Esam H Hewayde --- On Thu, 9/8/11, Clayton, Thomas M wrote: From: Clayton, Thomas M Subject: English courses for 2012 To: "'Esam Hewayde'" Cc: "Abolins, Liga" , "Hippisley, Andrew R" Received: Thursday, September 8, 2011, 11:40 AM Good morning Esam: Here are the 5 English courses we will review in March 2012: 1. Pronunciation Year 1 Syllabus. Teaching the description of individual sounds in words and in sentences with emphasis on the vocal tract. 2. Phonetics and Phonology Year 2 Syllabus. The study of individual sounds, sounds in sequences, and syllables. 3. Grammar Year 2 Syllabus. Past, present, and future simple, perfect and continuous tenses; auxiliary verbs and their uses; instructions, directions and suggestions; sequences of adjectives; nominal descriptive restricted and non-restricted sentences; condition, cause and effect, purpose, and contrast; uses of infinitives with and without to, gerunds, and verbal nouns; passivization; comparative and superlative; Direct speech; and question construction. 4. Composition – Comprehension Year 2 Syllabus. Studying various narrative and descriptive linguistically advances texts with practice on appropriate linguistic structures + the correct use vocabulary; writing some complete compositions and précis. 5. Conversation Year 2 (no syllabus). Training students on listening, and speaking; choosing some topics that motivate them to argue and converse orally. Some of the classes are Linguistics classes, and some are ESL / EFL classes. For Linguistics classes, we will assign a faculty member from the UK Linguistics Program to the curriculum reviews. For the ESL / EFL classes, we will assign a faculty member from the Center for English as a Second Language to the curriculum reviews. Linguistics classes • Pronunciation Year 1 • Phonetics and Phonology Year 2 ESL / EFL classes • Grammar Year 2 • Composition – Comprehension Year 2 • Conversation Year 1 We need a syllabus for Conversation Year 2. Would you please ask someone from English to send me the syllabus? I will be in touch soon to set up the DVCs on October 3, 4, and 5. Tom Thomas Clayton English Department Center for English as a Second Language Iraqi University Linkage Project University of Kentucky Lexington, KY, 40506-0027 (859) 257-1604