majeed hameed albadri ( Professor )
Faculty of Arts - Geography
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1- Full Name:- Majeed Hameed Shehab Al-Badrey. 2- Place and Date of Birth:- Babylon/AL-Eskandereya ,1961. 3- Nationality :-Arab. 4- Religion:- Moslem. 5- Marital Status:- Married. 6- Number of Children:- 3. 7- Name of Wife:- 1-Newal Hameed Noory Al-Badrey.2-Sajedah Abid Kadhim Hassany 8- Place and Date of the wife `s Birth:-1- Babylon/AL-Eskandereya,1959. 2-Najaf/1972 9- Nationality :-Arab. 10- Religion:- Moslem. 11- Full Address:- Babylon/Al-Mesayab District / AL- Eskandereya/Near Al-ShoomooKh Primary School. 12- Date of the first Occupation:- 28th/11/1992.According to the University Order No.1559in 28/11/1992,issued by the University of Kufa. 13-Occupied Posts: a-Areporter Of the Department of Geography. b-Amember of the Department of Geography Scientific Committee and Higher Studies. c-Amember of The Iraqi Geography Associationsince 1989. Qualifications_ 1. B.A. in geography science college of Arts./ Baghdad University/in 1984. 2. M.A. in Political Geography / College of Arts./ Baghdad University/ in 1990. The thesis title is "The Strategic Significance of Sina peninsula and its role in Arab National Security "Approved by the University order No.¬21263.in10/12/1990,Issued by Baghdad University 3. Ph. A. in Political Geography College of Arts./ Baghdad University/ The thesis title is "The regional role of Turkey in the new security Procedures and its role in Arab National security "Approved by. the University order No.698 in 21/1/1998,Issued by Baghdad University The General Specialization:-Geography. The Accurate Specialization:- Political Geography Teaching and Supervision on Higher studies A- Post Graduated Subjects Which He Teaches :- 1- Arab Homeland Geography. 2- Arab Gulf Geography. 3- Africa and Australia Geography. 4- Eurasia. 5- Political Geography. 6- Industrial Geography. 7- Research method. 8 - Maps. Theorical. 9- Geographical Ideology . 10- Geographic texts in English . 11- Environmental problems . 12- Transport and Energy Geograph . 13- Democracy and Human rights . ************************* B . Higher studies Geography M.A studies since 1998 1- Phenomena in international relations. 2- Environmental problems 3- Geographical Ideology . 4- Political Geography and Geopolitics. 5-Tour Geography of The Arab World. 6- Poverty Geography of The Arab World. 7-The Political Geography of The Arab World C. Supervision on Master degree :¬ 1- H.J.K. a study in the Geopolitics of Geographical Site/College of Arts/University of Kufa. No 3791 i in 11-11-2001. 2- Iran - Russia a study in neighborhood future. /College of Arts/University of Kufa NO 1861 in 2/12/.2003 3- Geopolitical Extension of Oman location a study in Political Geography No 149/7/3 in 20-3-2004 Basrah University - College of Arts. D) Discussion the Ph.d.Thesis :- 1- Basrah University / College of Arts No. 7/18/8337/ in 14/10/2004. 2-Universityof Sulaymaneya/College of Human Sciences.No.7/12/726in 25 /10/2004. 3- Basrah university / College of Education No7/18/7338 /in 14/10/2004. 4- Baghdad university / College of Arts No 6890 in6/10/2005. 5-Baghdad university/ College of Arts No 4320 in 30/4/2006. 6-Baghdad university/ College of ***************************************************** Acknowledgements:- 1- Acknowledgement from the police directarate / Researcher and studies center. No.636 in 22-12-1993 . 2- Acknowledgements Issued from the college of Arts /University of Kufa :-. a-No.?201in 19-3-2001. b-No. 108 in 19-5-2002 c- No. 21 in 26-1-1995 d-No .5157 ? /12 in 9-6-2006. 3- Acknowledgement Issued from the college of Education For Girls /University of Kufa No.2190 in 3-8-2005. 4- Acknowledgements Issued from the college of Arts /Basrah University :- a-No.? 201 in 19-3-2001. b-No.7/35/613 in 7-3-2002. c-No.3/7/441 in 31-10-2004. d-No.3/7/418 in 8-12-2005. e-No.3/7/158 in 15-5-2005. 5 - Acknowledgements Issued from the college of Education /Basrah University:- a-No.515 in 6-2-2002. b-No.2469 in 25-9-2004 6- Acknowledgement Issued from the college of Arts /Baghdad University No.2304 in 1-4-2001 7- Acknowledgement Issued from the University of Kufa No.1773 in 26-3-2002 8- Acknowledgement Issued from the Iraqi Geographic Association No.2304 in 2002 9- Acknowledgement Issued from Al-Zarqa`a Private versity No.108 in 19-5-2002