maytham askar al shabbani ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - General Veterinary
[email protected]
Name: Maytham Askar Alwan Date and Place of Birth: 1980, Al-Diwaniyah, Iraq Nationality: Iraqi Languages: Arabic in addition to English Address: Iraq-Qadissiya-Diwaniyah Lecturer in Microbiology Department Faculty of Veterinary Medidine / university of Kufa Kufa - Najaf Governorate, Iraq E.mail: [email protected] [email protected] Education: 2004 B.V.M.Sc. in Veterinary medicine/ University of Qadissiya 2011 parasitology from College of Veterinary medicine / University of Qadissiya . Academic experience and Job Occupation: 2004- 2005 worked veterinarians practice as medical graduation in a clinic veterinarian / Dagharah for a year 2006-2008 worked in private veterinary clinics Lecturer in Microbiology Dept. Faculty of Veterinary Medidine / university of Kufa since 6 February 2012 . Research interests : 1. parasitology 2. Molecular parasitology 3. Clinical parasitology 4. Immunology Teaching interest: 1.parasitology 2. immunology 3. Biology