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University of Kufa Faculty of Medicine Department of Biochemistry Kufa, P.O.Box 21 Najaf Governorate, Iraq Tel: +964 (0) 7810647788 Email: [email protected] I have a B.Sc. from Baghdad University in chemistry and M.Sc from Kufa University In Biochemistry. I have been also awarded PhD from Al-Nahrain University in Medical chemistry.I am currently holding the position of the president of lraqi Chemist Society also, I am currently holding the position of Vice-chancellor of lega and administrative affairs at the aforementioned University, in addition to my administration role, l am a Faculty member in the College of Medicine at Kufa University. l have been lecturing in this college since 2001 .l also have been invited to deliver lectures at different college at our university e.g Pharmacy ,Dentistry, Nursing, Veterinary, mMedicine and Mcience.l was a former research scientist in the Center of digestive tract and liver.l am also one of the Consultive in the ministry of environment. Professional Associations and administrative positions: .Member of the president of lraqi Chemist Society. .Vice-Chancellor of Kufa University for finance and administrative affairs. . Head of the Department Biochemistry/ Kufa University. .Deputy of the of the Head of the Department Biochemistry / Kufa University. Selected publications: 1-Evaluation of inflammatory status in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus versus diabetic nephropathy. Jurnal of kufa university biology scientific 2013 volume 6 No. 1 2-Evalution of Inflammatory Response In Plaque Psoriasis. Jurnal of Karbla University. 3-RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PLAQUE PSORIASIS AND ATHEROSCLEROSIS IN IRAQI PATIENTS. International Journal of Development Research Vol. 4, Issue, 1, pp. 191-194, January, 2014 4-The relevance of serum level of VEGF in type 2 diabetic retinopathy. (2012) Kufa Med. Journal.Vol.15.No.3,106-113. 5-Study of the effect of iron overload on the function of endocrine glands in Thalassemic male patients.(2011)Asia Journal of Transfusion Science. Vol. 5. No. 2,127-131. 6-Significance of urinary Vascular Endothelial Growth factor (VEGF) in patients with Bladder cancer.(2011) Kufa Med. J. Vol.14. No.3 Suppl., 3-5. 7- Study of some Biochemical parameters in Iraqi male children with Thaelassemia.(2009) Abin Alhaithim Sciences.J. Vol. 5. No.3, 32-28. 8-Adenosine deaminase (ADA) levels in differents cancer. (2008) Sciences .J.No. 1,27-30 9- Astudy of carbohydrate Antigen19-9 level in patients with benign and malignant colorectal tumors in relation to the level of immunoglobulins. Iraqi Journal of medical sciences. (2008) Vol. 6. No. 3,104-111. 10- Evaluation of sialic acid and cholesterol in sera of patients with colorectal carcinoma and benign tumor.(2006) Kufa Med. J. Vol.9 No.2,248-255. 11-Evaluation of sialic acid and heat stable alkaline phosphatase as tumor marker in bladder cancer.(2000) Al-Kufa Journal, 4, No. 1,107-114. 12- Serum sialic acid and fucose levels in bladder cancer patients.(2002) Kufa Med. J. Vol.5 No.2,103-111. 13-RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PLAQUE PSORIASIS AND ATHEROSCLEROSIS IN IRAQI PATIENTS. International Journal of Development Research Vol. 4, Issue, 1, pp. 191-194, January, 2014. 14-The bcl2 t(14;18) Chromosomal Translocation in Iraqi Patients With Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Babylon Medical Journal 2014 Volume 11 No. 3 15-Detection of Epstein Barr Virus lmp-1 Gene in Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Iraqi Patients. Babylon Medical Journal 2014 Volume 11 No. 3 16-INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE TO DIABETIC EDICATIONS IN PATIENTS WITH AND WITHOUT DIABETIC NEPHROPATHY. WORLD JOURNAL OF PHARMACY AND PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES Volume 3, Issue 3, 40-49. Research Article ISSN 2278 – 4357. 17-Serum levels of Interlukin-6, C-Reactive Protein in Diabetic Patients and Their Rela tion To Progression of Diabetic Retinopathy. Medical Journal of Babylon.VoL. 11-No. 3-2014. 18-Genetic study on blood trans fusion dependent B-thalassemia major patients in Babylon governorate. Thiqur Medical Journal. 2015 19-Correlation of Leptin With Severity of Plaque Psoriasis in Iraqi Male Patienta. Journal of Babylon University. 2015 20-The Fto Gene Polymorphism (Rs9939609) As Predictor for Hypertension in Iraqi Type 2 Diabetic Patients. INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH. Volume:6/ Issue 2016/ Issn-2249-555X/If:3.919/lC Value:74.50 21-THE ENPP1 K121Q POLYMORPHISM PROTECTIVE IMPACT AGAINST HYPERTENSION IN IRAQI TYPE 2 DIABETIC PATIENTS. International Journal of Research in Applied, Natural and Social Sciences. Vol.4,lssue 7,July 2016, 45-56. 22-Impacts of bcl2 t(14,18) chromosomal translocation , and EBV lmp-1 genes on Non-Hodgkin lymphomas.Journal of Pharm. Tech. Research, Vol.9.,No.10 (2016). Professional experience and Community Engagement Activities : .Currently performing as Faculty member of Medicine School/ Kufa Universmmunity. .Superesrvised and continues supervising many Master and PhD students in the field of Biochemistry. .Condaucted sevsral joint research with the lraqi Minister of Environment. .Help in signing MODS with the University of Queen Mary (London), The university of Shanghai (China) and the University of Lasik Germany.