Mahdi Hussain Alammar ( Professor )
Faculty of Science - Biology ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
Education: 1- Biology (Microbiology) Bs.c (1986-1990). 2- Medical bacteria Ms.c (1998-2001). 3- Immunology and bacteriology (medical) Ph.D (2003-2006). 4- Assistant Professor, Biology Dept. (2008). 5. Occupation :Professor in Biology Dept. (2014. present). 6.General specialization: Microbiology. 7.Fine specialization: Bacterial diseases immunity. 1-A head of editors of Al kufa University journal of biology 2.Biology council. 3-Scientific and higher studies committee. 4-Discussion committee of students researches * Qualification :Teaching 1.Undergraduate: Pathogenic bacteria , antibiotics immunity. 2.Postgraduate :Advance Immunology and Advance Medical bacteria for M.Sc and Ph.D students .