mahdi abdulameer altufaily ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Education -
[email protected]
Current position: - Assistant Lecturer University which currently operates: - Kufa University / Faculty of Education / Department of Technical Education Currently a Ph.D. student - Member of the Association of Artists / Babylon - Artists Association / Babylon - Member of the Association of poets and folk - Member of the Association of calligraphers Babylon - Member of the Ahl al-Bayt Foundation religious / Babylon Publications: - - Deportation stylistic and technical fees abstract expressionism / Unpublished Master's Thesis - Symbol in Alsoaria writing hieroglyphics civilizations of Egypt and Iraq ancient / comparative study / unpublished - The psychological implications of children's drawings deaf and dumb / unpublished - After cultural references in the diversity of the Muslim structure drawing / unpublished - Harvest whining / unpublished poetry collection