Maani Abdul Munem Alsaraf ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics - Mathematics
[email protected]
1 PERSONAL INFORMATION 1.1 Name Maani Abdul-Munem Saeed 1.2 Date of Birth 1-12-1969 1.3 Male / Female Female 1.4 Home Address, phone number, E-mail University of Kufa, P.O.Box 21, Najaf, Iraq Phone 07601845893 E-mails: [email protected] 1.5 Present Employment Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Iraq University of Kufa, Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics 2 EDUCATIONAL DEGREES 2.1 Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees Bachelor in Mathematics (BSc) 2.2 Licentiate and/or PhD degree Masters Degree (MSc) in Mathematical Sciences 3 VETENSKAPLIGA MERITER SCIENTIFIC MERITS 3.1 Research Profile (short presentation of your research profile after your PhD See below. 3.2 Planned Research Activities Calculation by using classical and Relational Mathematical. 3.3 Conference Publications I participated in the Fourth Scientific Conference of University of Thi-Qar , Iraq (Certain types of Locally closed sets) 3.4 Network / Research Collaboration I was member of research teams in a project (Certain types of Locally closed sets). Abstract Let (χ, T ) be a Topological space , S  χ is called locally closed if it is the intersection of an open set and a closed set . In this work , we Introduce and study several types of locally closed sets . Using the theory of operators , we Introduce and study locally - T *_ closed set ,where T is an operation associated with the topology T on χ. 2 . (( T, L ) – g – Continuous function) Abstract In this work , we Introduce and study the concept of ( T, L ) – g – continuous functions . when T = L = The closure operator we get the concept of θ – g - continuous functions . 3 - Deleting Components and Regions for Gray Images using Symmetric group Sn Abstract The paper deals with a new way to Gray Images Deleting Components and Regions Using Symmetric group Sn. The proposed system consists of two phases ,Focus on finding the edges of the image .The second stage is the image encryption phase. The system was executed on a database of 50 gray images 256 x 256 with format . 4 - Increase the brightness of the image using Cyclic Group Cn Abstract In this paper, circular group and its effect on the color of gray images is represented. rate. Aim of this research is to improve the contrast of images that have a bad contrast. Make it look bright Circular group is changes the gray levels of the colors, 4 PEDAGOGICAL MERITS 4.1 Pedagogical Education 1. Linear Algebra 2. Methods of solving ordinary differential equations. 3. Mathematics NES . 4. Computer Applications. 5.Group theory . 6 - Topics in General Mathematics 4.2 Basic pedagogical Ideology ( self – Reflection ) I teach undergraduate students, as well as supervise and examine final-year projects. 4.3 Education Achievements I lectured topics in theoretical mathematics and Computer Applications . 4.4 Supervision I supervised projects of the Bachelor degree in Mathematics. 4.5 Teaching Material 1. Linear Algebra, Matrix Theory, applications of linear algebra. 2. Ordinary differential equations : 3. Mathematics NES :including Complex numbers & Matrices. 4 . Computer Applications. 5. Group theory . 4.6 Education Planning and Administration I am a student counselor and also member of the Faculty Educational Committee. 4.7Pedagogical Awards I had a Certificate of Appreciation from the University of Thi-Qar and from University of Kufa .