luqman wahab almothfr ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Basic Education - Kindergarten ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
Name: Lukman Wahab Muzaffar Habib Nationality: Iraq Birth: 08/04/1966 · Diploma in Art Education Teachers Training Institute in 1989 · One of the participants in Babylon Global Festival 1991. · Bachelor of Art Education, Faculty of Arts University of Baghdad in 1993. · A member of the Artists Union in Iraq in 1990. · Faculty member at the Institute of occupations overall Misurata, 2002. · Teacher in secondary education 2003-2007 minor son Ghalboun arts and media. Lecturer at the Centre for training of trainers / Misratah in a substance free drawing in 2009. · Master of Fine Arts in 2009. · Diploma in NLP . Doctorate in Fine Arts - Art Education - Graduate Studies Academy - Tripoli / Libya · Participant in several exhibitions in Iraq. · Participant in several exhibitions at the Academy of Graduate Studies, Tripoli. · Holds a certificate of appreciation from the Education Secretariat in Misurata. · Holds a certificate of appreciation to the teachers union Misurata. · Organize some exhibitions on the occasion of an open week in the Education Secretariat in Misurata. · Participant in the design of Misrata University 2010 logo · Lectures in the free drawing and the history of architecture in the (light Institute) 2010 Lecturer in Misrata University in the Department of Art Education, 2010-2011 · Teaching interests · Methods of teaching art education · Principles of Education · History of Islamic Art · History of art in the Renaissance · The Art of the Child (separated) teacher · Child Psychology · Free drawing · the basic education · History of Islamic Architecture