Faculty of Education for Women - Computer Science
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Luay Mohammed Ridha was born on the 9th of May, 1975 in AL-Najaf AL-Ashraf State, Iraq. He attended AL-Mansour Collage University, Iraq where he acquired his Bachelor in Computer Science. He graduated in 1997. He is network administrator of University of Kufa. His research interest includes Networks management in education and Iraqi public sectors. In search for a network security, he progressed in his studies at Universiti Tenaga Nasional in Malaysia to pursue a Master’s degree in Information Technology (Coursework and Research) specialized in Network Security. He completed his degree with a perfect CGPA of 3.91. Being a problem solver, he conducted his research on AN ACCESS CONTROL MODEL BASED ON MULTI-FACTORS TRUST IN BYOD NETWORK USING FUZZY LOGIC. IT Security Administrator nstalling, supporting and maintaining new server hardware and software infrastructure; ▪Managing email, anti-spam and virus protection; ▪Setting up user accounts, permissions and passwords; ▪Ensuring the most cost-effective and efficient use of servers; ▪Suggesting and providing IT solutions to business and management problems; ▪Ensuring that all IT equipment complies with industry standards; ▪Analysing and resolving faults, ranging from a major system crash to a forgotten password; ▪Undertaking routine preventative measures and implementing, maintaining and monitoring network security, particularly if the network connects to the internet; ▪Working closely with other departments/organizations and collaborating with other IT staff; ▪Planning and implementing future IT developments and undertaking project work; ▪ Managing the website and keeping internal networks running.