lamyaa abd taha alathari ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Arts - Geography
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Name: m. M . Lamyaa Abd Taha Dhaif Al- Idhary University of Kufa college of Arts Section: Geographical Degree: Master Birth: 01/05/1979 Iraq / Najaf Discipline: Geography normal - the exact jurisdiction: geography of life Bachelor's degree on: 12-8- 2003 Date of appointment and in college: 04/23/2006 . Masters history Discussion: (27-7-2015) Kufa University / Faculty of Arts The message name (Spatial Variety of the Natural Plant in the Governorate of Holy Kerballa and its Relation with Human Uses) 1-Name Search ((human and natural uses of the plant in the province of Karbala)) 2-Name Search ((distribution and classification of natural vegetation in the holy city of Karbala)) Number of lectures: I do not have to be a new teaching Supervision of research for students of the fourth stage Research No. (4) 2015-2016 2 - Research number (9) 2016-2017 Subjects 3-Phase III Geography of the Americas 2015-2016 4-Phase II Geography of Transport and Trade 2016-2017 Courses 1. development session in the electronic library management system ((KU- ELS V2.0 result: a successful session number: the evolution 1 - sequence: 9. Date: 11-11-2008. 2. . Test place at the Center for Research and Rehabilitation in informational Windows operating system and applications Excel- Word- power point-Internet result: successful - exam Number: 14 - sequence: 14. Date of command: 25-10-2010. 3. testing IC3 -patarrakh: 7-7- 2011 4. . training course on modern techniques used in the field of remote sensing date: 20-10- 2011. 5. TOEFL, which was held in the TOEFL / presidency of the University of Kufa test center on: 05/07/2011. Degree (360) Issue Number: M w / 21600 - Date: 08/10/2011. 6. teaching methods 3-12 2006 session. 7. I.C.D.L cycle Alckrat number: (18 (