Lamia Abdultef AL-Iessa ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Science -
[email protected]
Good analytical skills with Azo compounds and Extraction Fourier Transform Infrared, Spectrophotometry, Ultra Violet Visible TITLE OF THESISES: B.Sc. in Chemistry, Basra University,Basra,Iraq 1993-1997. M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry,Basra University,Basra,Iraq 2002-2004 Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry,Basra University,Basra,Iraq 2012-2016 1- Master's thesis : Analytical studies of the dye azo luminol charge transfer complexes of some pharmaceutical compounds 2004 2- Doctor a's thesis: Preparation and Analytical Study of Some Heterogeneous Azo Dyes and Using One of Them in Extraction of Cu(II) From Aqueous Solutions 2016