kifah dakel albdairi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Arts - Geography
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General Information: The fourth name and title: struggle within Abis Rashid Al - Budairi. Birth: Baghdad / 1979. Religion: Muslim. National: Arab. Date of first appointment: 22/1/2006. General Specialization: Geography. Specialization: Geographic thought. Academic title: Assistant Lecturer.   scientific certificates :- 1 - Bachelor in 2000-2001 (University of Baghdad - Faculty of Arts - Department of Geography) 2 - Masters in 2004 - 2005 (University of Baghdad - Faculty of Arts - Department of Geography     Teaching and supervision: - 1- Geographical research methods for the first stage. 2 - Geography of Iraq and the Arab world. 3. Human rights. 4- Geography of the Arab World. 5 - study the subject of geographical thought. 6- Supervising the graduation research for the fourth stage. Scientific Research:   1. Spatial analysis of the population growth in the district of Kufa for the period 1977-1997 and its future projections until 2017. 2 - An analytical study of the school of environment in geography. 3- Development of geographical knowledge among Muslim Arabs. 4 - Geographical analysis of forced migration to the city of Najaf for the period (2004-2007). 5 - Cartography of the Arab geographers (school model Idrisi). 6- Geographical analysis of the short migration to the city of Najaf (reality, effects and treatments) for the period 2004-2007. 7. Cartography in the Abbasid period. 8- The city of Najaf (study in historical geography).   Conferences: 1- Conference of the University of Kufa for Human Sciences II, 2010.   Committees :-   1- Examination committee for civil society department. 2- Absence Committee for the civil society department.