Khalida Kadhim Al-Kelaby ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Pharmacy - General Pharmacy
[email protected]
My CV update 19/9/2019 Khalida Kadhim Abbas Al-Kelaby (Khalida K. Abbas Al-Kelaby) Academic Status:Assisst Proff Qualification:PhD Assistant Professor/Virologist at Pharmacy college/ kufa university since 2000 Department:Clinical and laboratory sciences Location: Najaf Governorate, Iraq Specialty: Virology/ Microbiology Tel: + 9647706821292;; viber +9647717523611 E-Mail: [email protected] ;; [email protected] Teaching Interest: (Undergraduate and post graduate) 1. Basic and medical virology. 2. Advanced virology and immunology 3. Medical microbiology. 4. Biotechnology. 5. Pathology 6. Lab. training Research Interests: 1-Modern diagnostic techniques correlated with viral diseases like PCR and RT-PCR. 2- Cell culture techniques for the studying of cytopathic effect showed after infection of cultured cells 3- Invitro and Invivo studies associated with antiviral drugs. 4- Pharmaceutical researches of graduated or higher studies students. 5- Anticancer studies 6- Future work with viral vaccine as anticancer