khalid tawfeeq alhasnawi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Arts - Arabic Language
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DR, Khaled Tawfeeq Mezel CURRICULUM VITAE Business Adress: Khaled Tawfeeq Mezel (PhD, University of Kufa, republic of Iraq) is assistant Professor of Linguistics and discourse analysis at University of kufa- faculty of artist. He is concern Social communication theories, argument theories and semiotics. He has many researches and articles that published in the scientific journals and magazines. Now, he work in an area of religious discourse analysis (Quranic discourse). Education Ph.D., University of Kufa (2012) MA, University of Kufa (2008) BA, University of Kufa (2004) BA, English language, University of Kufa (2016) Languages: He has the following languages: Classical Arabic: reading, writing, listening, and speaking capacity. English language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking capacity. French language: reading, writing capacity. Parisian language: as a work language. Articles: The concept of meaning according to linguistic London school. The terms macrostructure and superstructure according to Van Dijk- Approach by the concept, criteria, and function. Phenomenon of repetition at Buland Al Hadari's poetry. The semantic of tone and rhythm in the Quranic word. Variation of calling styles in the holy Quran. An argument function in Al Naba'a sura. The terms text and discourse- study by the light of heritage and modern view. Phenomenon of discourse progression in the Quranic style. An argument function in the Quranic parable. Use of closing words in the Quranic expression- pragmatic study. The relativity in the Quranic discourse. The systems of sings in the Quranic discourse. Modern linguistics between universal and relativity. Reading in the pragmatic and diction book of John Adam. An aspect of psychological analysis in linguistic of textuality field. The theory of textuality typical between available and non-available. The influence of pragmatic competence in the social communication. The influence of pragmatic accent in the building of conversation intentions Illocutionary force of asking styles in the Quranic expression.