Karrar Abd Ali Al-Ameed ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Science - Chemistry
[email protected]

BSc and MSc in chemistry, University of Kufa, and DPhil in inorganic chemistry, University of Oxford, UK. my research focuses on studying the electronic and magnetic properties of open-shell transition metal complexes. We use computational chemistry to understand the chemistry of inorganic clusters. Here are some of the topics I am interesting to find answers to:  

  1. Molecular Magnetism: Nature of magnetic coupling between the transition metals centres within the molecular clusters.
  2. Spin Crossover: Switching from one spin state to another on the metal centres. (from high spin to low spin and vice versa). Also, exploring what triggers such transitions.
  3. Site Preference: Investigating metallic ion competition on certain site within the molecular cluster.
  4. Double Exchange: Exploring the nature of electron hooping between two or more open-shell metal centres.
  5. Charge Transfer Complexes: Interpreting the electronic spectra of transition metal complexes.