karrar mohammed zwain ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Medicine - General Medicine
[email protected]
Name: Karrar Mohammed Abass Zwain Date of birth: 2/4/1985 Site of birth: Iraq-Najaf Email adress: [email protected] Scientific progress 1-Bachelor in internal medicine/surgery from college of medicine/kufa university ranking the 2nd in his colleagues in year 2008-2009 2-residency in Alsader teaching hospital and Al zahraa teaching hospital in 2010-2011. 3-Manger of Al abassya primary helth care center in 2012. 4- perminancy in cardiac catheterization center in 2013 5_Accepted for training in Iraqi board for medical specialisation in 2014. 6-Graduated as senior in internal medicine from iraqi board of medical specialisation. 7-Gratuated from university of kufa/college of medicine with Diploma in internal medicine in 2018 8-Participated and succed in training for teaching methods and Arabic languge qualification. 9-Ranking 1st in computer programmes assessment in 3/2/2019