KARAR JASIM ALeesawe ( Lecturer )
Faculty of Administration and Economics - Accounting ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
Bachelor of Accounting from the University of Kufa / Faculty of Management and Economics 2005/2006 .. Of the top ten. Was appointed in the same faculty in the year 2008 in the accounts section and received the functions of the salary organizer of the College and Secretary of the Fund for evening studies and the accountant of the college and got many books of thanks and appreciation from different 41 letters of thanks from the Minister of Education and the Governor of Najaf and the President of the University of Kufa and Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics ... and obtained a doctorate in legal accounting from the University of Baghdad / Higher Institute of Accounting and Finance in 2018 / I have published research on business risks and a proposed program on auditing The rectangle And is currently working as an accountant for the Faculty of Management and Economics. Currently, in the fifth grade, he is a fourth stage in the academic ladder. He participated in several courses held by the ministry and participated in the scientific conference at Baghdad University.