gawad ahmed albahadli ( Professor )
Faculty of Law - Law
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Professor Dr. Jawad Ahmed Bahadli Professor of jurisprudence studies and fundamentalist Supreme comparison At the University of Kufa and Najaf Hawza al-Ashraf Born in 1972 in Iraq - Najaf 1-doctorate in the philosophy of comparative jurisprudence and assets. Kufa / University School of Fiqh. 2010. Honors thesis: (Intellectual Rights Study between Sharia law). 2-Master of Sharia and Islamic Studies. Kufa / University School of Fiqh. 2007 with honors. Letter: (Fixed and variable in Islamic law). 3-BS in the origins of religion - Baghdad University / College of Islamic Sciences, a very good grade high. 1994. • official positions and tasks that filled: 0.1 Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty of Law Studies A'ea- / 01.26.2015 AD to the present. 1. associate administrator of the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science / 2011 m - 2012 m. 2. Head of the Department of Law at the Faculty of Law and Political Science / 2010 m -2011 m. 3. Director of the editor of the legal and political / Science in 2011-2012. 4. representative for teachers in the Faculty of Law / 2010. 5. Head of the Division of Scholarships and Cultural Relations at the Faculty of Law and Political Science / 2010. 6. president of the Cultural Committee at the Faculty of Law / 2009. 7. professor of Islamic law and jurisprudence -aldrasat fundamentalism comparison At Kufa University - Faculty of Law and Political Science since 2007 to today. 8. lecturer at the Faculty of Theology - Kufa University - Department of Science Koran and the Hadith in 2007 -2008 m. 9. lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities University-Department of Law in 2008 -2009 m. 10. lecturer at the University College of Hilla in Babel-law department in 2011-2012. 11. lecturer at the University of Imam Sadiq (AS) - the Department of Law in / 2012-2013m. 12. lecturer at the Faculty of Theology at the University of fundamentalism comparative studies since / 2013 m - 2015. 13. lecturer at the Faculty of Theology at the University of verses analytical judgments and deductive comparison since / 2013 m - 2016. 14. founder and a lecturer at the Higher Institute for reporting and Islamic Guidance of the threshold Hosseinieh fundamentalism in comparative studies / 2013. 15. a member of the scientific committee at the Islamic Center for Strategic Studies of the Abbasid holy threshold under the guidance of the upper reference / Najaf / Since the beginning of 2014. 16. a member of the Trilateral Commission for Education and Higher Education and Research to draw the strategy of the Holy Shrine in the affairs of education in the whole of Iraq / 2014 - now. 17. Professor of Higher Studies - Institute of Hussein (AS) - in Islamic law for the Department of Special / 2014 law. 18. professor of graduate studies in private - Faculty of Law University of Kufa Department of Law since 2015. 19. Chairman of the discipline of students / Faculty of Law / 2015 m -2017 m. 20. directly responsible to the central committee exam / 2015. 21. a member and chairman of several committees Examination subsidiary since 2008. 22. Member of the Scientific Committees in graduate studies in the Department of Private Law. 23. Chairman of the students receive new -altsgel 2015 m -2016 m + 2016-2017m. • Alihuzoi side: 1-disciple tradition at the hands of four in Najaf in research and specialized fabricated assets References: (Search abroad) and are as follows: (a) Mr. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani between 1996 m -1999 m until he stopped the lesson that day political conditions. B-Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Said al-Hakim, in 1998-2000m. C-Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Ishaq al-Fayad, 0.1998 m -2001 m. E-Ayatollah Sheikh Bashir al-Najafi, 2001 - 2005 m. 2. scheduled for Research Resources and the scholars of Najaf in jurisprudence and assets since 1996 to 2005 m. 3-a professor at the University of Najaf religious (Mr. Mohamed Klantr). 4-a professor at the School and Sheikh Mohammed Amin Zinedine Foundation. 5-a professor at Hozoah schools and other Husseiniyahs Kaloasmah and Khaqani and Bahadli and several mosques in Najaf since 1994. 6-Hozhoya students since 1987 at the Imam Al-Khoei School, and Yazdi, and the Indian Mosque, and Sbzuari, and other schools. • books and research: First, printed and published: 1. Intellectual Rights Study between Sharia law. 2. Fixed and variable in the Islamic Sharia. 3. Summary key in comparative jurisprudence. 4. legal entrance to the study of Islamic law -almtabq vocabulary and colleges of Sharia law in Iraqi universities. 5. Stop intellectual property rights in Islamic jurisprudence financial side model. 6. reasons for their different scholars - a study in perceptions theory. 7. jurisprudence between concept and upbringing. 8. Free World and its method in detail the means of Shiites. 9. contemporary Islamic thought and legislative trends / legislative vacuum zone model. 10. dimensional mental and possibilities line velayat-e faqih. 11. legislative vacuum area space for legislation modernity. 12. The Legislative Council and its limits in the premise of changing the legal rule. 13. Parliament site to fill the legislative vacuum area. 14. neglect and effects between Sharia law. 15. Khula what it is and its provisions in Islamic jurisprudence. 16. Lessons in wills and inheritances in light of the Iraqi Personal Status Law, according to the five doctrines / i 4. 17. ornaments and approach the mark in ticket scholars / book selling model. 18. development of fundamentalist thought in Najaf school / Sheikh Naini model. 19. banditry between rooting idiosyncratic