jiwad khadim alsaadi ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Arts - Philosophy
[email protected]
University of Kufa College of arts Department of Philosophy Mobile: 07801731936 E-mail: Jawad [email protected] He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Baghdad in 1986 and a Masters degree from the University of Baghdad in 1990, teaching in the Department of Philosophy since 1994, got his Ph.D. from the University of Kufa in 1999 in the jurisdiction of Philosophy and Contemporary Philosophy, participated in the Association of Iraq philosophical 1990-2003 member administrative body, worked decision philosophy department from 2010 and until now, has posts in conferences Humanities at the University of Kufa and Al Mustansiriya University and the University of Arbil, and also participated in the discussion of many Masters and expertise to scientific research, as well as my in institutions and research centers multiple, also has many articles published in magazines and newspapers such as the newspaper and the Ministry of Culture 2011 and Culture 2012 fronds. Teaching Interests: 1 - Modern Philosophy 2 - the philosophy of language 3 - Contemporary Arab Thought 4 – logic Research Interests: 1 - Contemporary Arab Thought 2 - Iraqi philosophical thought 3 - Philosophy Literature 4 - Mitaveziqa philosophy of science Research published 1 - the philosophy of language when Dr. Yasin Khalil 2010 the House of Wisdom. 2 - smashing idols when Nietzsche 2010 Journal of the Faculty of Arts. 3 - Cash philosopher Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr for positive logic 2010 Conference folder Humanities / Mustansiriya University. 4 - philosophy Herkulaitts and its impact on the Stoic philosophy. 5 - new philosophy when Rorty.