Jamal Ahmed Salman ( Professor )
Faculty of Agriculture - ( Head of Division )
[email protected]
Name: Jamal Ahmed Abbass Salman Specialization: Ecology and Production of Vegetable Scientific position: Professor( 11/6/ 2003) Phone Number: 009647810445620 First Date employed: 1/9/1986 Address: Department of Horticulture and Landscape Gardening - Faculty of Agriculture - University of Kufa – Republic of Iraq. Email: phdjamal, [email protected] Website : Degrees: 1- B.Sc. In Agricultural Science- Department of Horticulture - College of Agriculture and Frosty – University of Mosul . IRAQ. 1979-1980. 2- M.Sc. In Horticulture/Vegetable- College of Agricultural and Frosty . University of Mosul Univ. IRAQ. 1985. Title of Thesis “Effect in Raw Spacing and Potassium Fertilizer on growth and yield of Carrot Daucus carota (L) Var. sativa D. C”. 3- Ph.D. In Ecology and Production of Vegetable – College of Agriculture – University of Baghdad - IRAQ. 1998. Title of dissertation “Effect of Cycocel on Tomato Resistance on Salinity, drought and cold”. Subject Taught Advance Vegetable Production , Plant Nutrition, Physiological Ways Search, Advance Vegetable Seed Production, Plant Breeding, Advance Floriculture Plant , Plant Ecology , Advance Medical plant, Physiological Stress, Scientific Ways Research . Leafy Vegetable , Production of Vegetable Under Protected Culture. Vegetable Plant Physiology. Outside lecture 1- For best environmental satiation. 2002. Hiteen general company. 2- Mungbean as substituted crop to treat water shortage. 2002. The general company for industrial crop. Agricultural ministry Iraq. Membership of Societies 1 - University Teachers Correlation. 2- Membership in Editorial Board of journal for Sciences and Technology (Scientific and Refereed Journal) . Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan . 3 - Membership in the Society of Medical and Aromatic plant in Arabian Country. Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils – Secretariat General . Khartoum , Republic of Sudan . 4 - Membership in the Egyptian Society of Toxins . Egypt . 5 - Membership of Central Promoting Committee – University of Al- Qasim Green . IRAQ . 6 - Editorial Board Secretary of Kufa Journal for Agriculture Science ( Scientific and Refereed Journal ) . IRAQ . 7 – RNRS Membership of The Royal National Rose Society. London . England. 8 - Membership of Central Promoting Committee – University 0f Kufa . IRAQ, 9 - Membership in the International Society of Horticulture Science (ISHS)/ Belgium. 10 – Membership of Experts Agricultural Committee.