jaleela saleh alallaq ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Education for Women - Arabic Language
[email protected]
'Bachelor's degree from the College of Education for Girls Master's degree in English and Literature (semantics) Title of Thesis (words in the poetry of nature study, however, semantic) in 26/12 in 1999 A doctorate in Arabic Language and Literature (language - Semantics) Title of Ph.D. thesis (semantic search in the keys of the unseen) in 10/2 in 2008 Research published • semantic dimension of the elements of the environment of ignorance Daad magazine - the first national conference of the Arabic language • Quranic sentence (analytical study of the structure and the term) Journal Najafih Studies • the psychological significance of the speech of women in the Quranic text Journal of English Language and Literature Faculty of Arts - University of Kufa • Semantic rhythmic proportionality in Surat leeches Was published in the Journal of the College of Education for Girls for Human Sciences • semantic dimensions in Quranic single Rehab Search under publication