jaber razzaq aljekhairi ( Professor )
Faculty of Arts - History
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Prof. Dr. Jaber Razak Ghazi Al-Kraiti                                                                                                                                     University of Kufa                                         college of Literature                                         Department of History                                                             Najaf Governorate - Iraq                                         Mobile: 07804982401                               Email: [email protected] The certificates obtained and the positions in which he worked 1 - Holds a master's degree from the University of Kufa - Faculty of Arts in the Arab Islamic history in 2000 2 - Holds a doctorate from the University of Kufa - Faculty of Arts in the Arab Islamic history in 2015 3 - Received the rank of assistant professor in 2009 4 - Received the rank of professor in 2014. 5 - Worked as a Rapporteur for the Department of History2003-2005, and took the decision of the Department of History again in 2009 and still continues. 6 - Member of the Council of Quality Assurance in the Faculty of Arts 2009-2014 7 - Representative of quality in the Department of History from 2009 until 2016 8. Founding member of the National Forum for Thought and Culture Research 9 - Member of the Union of Arab Historians His teaching duties and duties 1 - Training work in the Department of History since 2002 and continues. 2 - Studied in the Masters and PhD stages since 2009 and is still ongoing 3 - supervised many of the master's and doctorate letters 4 - Discussed many of the master's and doctoral dissertations in most Iraqi universities 5 - Vim many books, letters, papers and scientific research. Research Interests: 1. Follow up the political and cultural history of the Umayyad state. 2 - interest in the follow-up efforts and contributions of scientists Kufa civilization. 3 - Monitor the Orientalist effort and its position on the Arab-Islamic civilization. Books and Research Published: 1 - Book studies in the history of the Umayyad state 2 Al-Hasan Al-Muthanna, his biography and his narrations of Hadith and Archeology. 3 - the family of Abu Shiiba family and their impact on the events of their time. 4 - the conditions of Kufa security in the era of Abu Jaafar al-Mansur. 5 - Waiver of the second Muawiyah from the Authority causes and consequences. 6 - Evolution of the art of binding in the Abbasid period. 7 - centers of intellectual movement in Kufa during the first Abbasid period. 8 - The city document .. a reality and urgent need for an emerging society. 9 - Abuseliman Mehran bin Mohammed Al - Amash al - Kufi biography and scientific contributions. 10 - The contributions of scientists Maru Shahajan in the intellectual movement in Baghdad in the fourth and fifth centuries AH.