Faculty of Arts - Geography
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Date of first appointment: 6/3/2006 General Specialization: Geography. Specialization: Geography. Academic title: Teacher. scientific certificates: 1 - Bachelor in 2004 - 2005 (University of Kufa - Faculty of Arts - Department of Geography) 2 - Masters in 2006 - 2008 (University of Kufa - Faculty of Arts - Department of Geography) Teaching and supervision 1. Geography of life. 2. Geography of agriculture. Freedom and democracy. 4 - Geography of the Arab World 5. Health and educational geography 6. Cartography 7. Geography of Africa and Australia 8. Supervising the graduation research for the fourth phase, 2009-2017 Research: 1- Geographical Distribution of Fuel Filling Stations in Najaf Governorate (Publication) 2 - Evaluation of the efficiency of educational and health services in the city of Haidariyah. (Published) 3 - Natural ingredients for growing wheat and barley crops in Najaf province (under construction) 4 - A proposal for the development of protected areas project in Najaf Governorate (under completion). 5 - Medical plants and the possibility of investment in the province of Najaf (under completion). 6. Women's Role in Reducing Food Pollution (Completed)