Imad Hadi Alyasiri ( Assistant Lecturer )
Faculty of Arts - Civil Society
[email protected]
1-name: Immad Hadi Azoz Nor Al-Yassiri 2-Social Status: Married 3-Place and date of Birth :1-7-1957-Najhaf- mishhab 4-Academic statuse :Diploma in commercial and industrial design – Applied arts in 1979-Bagdad- BA in History 2003 – MA 2010 in Islamic history- 5-Title of MA; Feature of Socia- Ecommic in the Mijam Al Buldan of Yakut al –Hammawi 6-places Occupied in the Job ; A-Director of the Department of Engineering B- director of Faculty of Arts C- Lecturer in Civil Social department in Faculty of Arts .University of Kufa