Ebtehal Edrees Shubber ( Assistant Professor )
Faculty of Science -
[email protected]
the Bachelor degree was from University of kufa /science faculty /department of biology in 2000 the master degree was from university of Al-Mustansiryia /department of biology / Microbiology in 2003 the philosophy of doctorate was from Babylon university /department of biology / microbiology in 2012 I worked as lecturer from 2003-2006 then Iwas appointed as an assistant lecturer in permanent staff of science faculty in 2006 at the biology department/university of Kufa and on 2008 i moved to laboratory investigation department in the same faculty till now. through that I had gave various subjects : -pathogenic bacteria -virology -immunology -molecular biology -vaccines and sera Also I have several certificates of different courses : - ICDL -IC3 - Histological preparations -electron Microscope - teaching methods